Vintage Stamps - Greens

Total of 50+ vintage stamps from all over the world, mostly European. 

They are soft, faded vintage colours that can easily blend in any kind of vintage style crafting project.

Please note that we have several bundles available, and they are all slightly different. That means yours might differ a bit from the one in the example photos. 

Please note that because these stamps are vintage - even antique ones, they might show their age. 

See the detailed description below.

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We'd like to note, just in case, even if we know you really understand the concept of vintage stamps: the stamps do not reflect any kind of political, social, religious or any other kind of anything we stand for, really. For us, they are just lovely vintage stamps. We have tried to go through every single one of these stamps to make sure there won't be any offending one, so please, if there for some reason, happens to be a stamp in the bundle that offends you, we kindly and gently suggest you understand that they are form different eras from different cultures, and we are so sorry for this unfortunate event.

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