Digital Be Magic PDF Journaling Kit

This magical and dreamy download journaling kit Be Magic is designed to be used to create journals, mini albums, cards... The sheets come with collages, journaling cards, and background sheets. The sheets are all designed so that they’d be mixed together any way you like, and they’d be a perfect match. Embellish your project with your own treasures like silk ribbons and laces, coffee dyed doilies, glitter and inks…

Includes 8 A5 sheets.

Please note that this is a digital product - you will not receive any physical product in the mail. Once purchased, you will receive an email giving you the link to your download.

Copyright Paper Garden Varalusikka

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The print sheets of this kit measure 21 x 14,8 cm or 8.27 x 5.83 inches (A5)

High quality resolution in PDF format

Sheets will print out on 21 x 29,7 cm or 8.5x11 inches (A4) page, two sheets in one

Watermark will be removed


Total of 8 A5 prints in one download file (10Mb)

Instantly downloadable

2 background sheets

4 collage sheets with ephemera, journaling cards, and word clippings

4 journaling cards


Please note that when buying any Paper Garden digital files, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use.

The copyright to all Paper Garden products, images and designs belongs to and are property of Varalusikka Paper Garden and is not transferred with the purchase of physical or digital product. Our copyright is protected by European and international copyright laws.

Buying this item gives you the right to use the designs for personal, non-commercial use only. For any kind of commercial use of our designs or parts of them you need a commercial license. Please note that also sharing or giving away the digital files in either printed or digital format is prohibited.

More information about our copyrights and angel policies in our website 


Please note that this is a digital product - you will not receive any physical product in the mail. Once purchased, you will receive an email with header "[Paper Garden] The virtual product that you bought is available for download”, giving you the link to your download(s) at the email address you have given to us. (Please check your junk mail if you don’t receive the email in a few moments.)


Another way to find the virtual product(s)  you ordered is to log in to your account in and go to your order history. From order history click on “Details" on the right side (from correct order). Then you can start the download by clicking the name of virtual product(s) you have ordered.As you receive your files as an instant download form, we accept no cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

Please note that, even if these sheets are designed to be used at size A4, each printer may have its own presets and therefore the size (and the print colour) can vary slightly. Please note also that most of the printers don’t have borderless printing option. It means that there will be white frames on the edge of your A4 sheet, if you haven't a printer which can produce borderless prints.

For printing we recommend premium cardstock or matte photo paper for best results. We have found that 160g paper is great for the background sheets and the journaling cards. Not too heavy, not too light. For the ephemera, 160g is ok, but 120 is better, if you want the ephemera to blend on the background. But whichever size you choose to use, it is up to you! Just keep in mind that the better the quality of the paper, the better the quality of your prints. We also recommend using laser printer for printing, if you use mixed media for your projects.

All Rights Reserved.

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