About us

Welcome to Varalusikka Paper Garden! We are so happy you found us and decided to visit! We love it how you have found us from all over the world!  It’s always so much nicer to visit someone, if you know them, so let us tell you a bit about us… 


You can have a nice cup of tea or coffee and get yourself comfortable; ease your shoulders a bit, breathe deeply, and then step into the Paper Garden. It is quite a nice little break from “it all”, you know. Highly recommended.


We need to begin with the word Varalusikka, which means extra spoon in Finnish. You can read more about spoons and the story behind Varalusikka here.

In short, Varalusikka is our way to remind to enjoy those tiny little ordinary things that makes us smile and happy when we just stop for a minute to think about them. It’s a way to tell people they are precious, and to say that hey, one spoon at a time, one tiny spoonful of courage and hope. It’s all we need, all we get, and all it takes. It’s enough, you are enough.


So, about us. “We” means Varalusikka or Paper Garden, just depending which web shop you popped into. (Varalusikka for jewellery, Paper Garden for papers, obvs).  The business name is Varalusikka, even though we do have 2 brands, so don’t get confused if we talk about Varalusikka and you are visiting our Paper Garden shop!
Varalusikka is a tiny business. So tiny, it fits in one room at our home, in the beautiful countryside of south-western Finland. (Actually, first it was only a desk in the corner of our bedroom, then it took over the bed, which wasn’t that practical, so we expanded it into our glass veranda. However, it gets quite cold during the winter months (read: half the year) here in Finland… So, now the shop has an entire room of its own. Well, we are joking that Varalusikka is expanding again, as it took over a cupboard on the hall, too. Soon we need a West Wing.) 

For no reason particular, Varalusikka Paper Garden is specialised on vintage style items. We fell in love with the soft coloured Finnish vintage papers, and that was it. Soon we expanded to other brands we personally love and use. It occurred to us it’s a just prefect idea to introduce the same high-quality products we use in our own items and offer them to our customers! This way you can be sure the paint or wax colours are just the right vintage shades, that you can order stamps, papers, and mediums conveniently and easily in one package, and start creating your own kind of beautiful art.

Our own products are mostly recycled, salvaged, and upcycled. In the fast-forward modern world, it’s a lovely thing to be able to give another life, opportunity to papers, books, laces, ribbons, haberdashery, and so on, that would be otherwise seen as a burden or garbage. It’s a wonderful allegory, isn’t it, about a new life, new beginnings, and new opportunities?

We take care to wrap all your orders nicely, as it’s lovely to think that our customers smile when they see their orders beautifully wrapped, like a gift, and have this special moment in the middle of ordinary, everyday life. We try to be as aware of the nature and recycling in our packing as possible, and we use mostly recycled paper wrappings and other responsible choices, not forgetting the safe travel of your order!


Oh, the cutest little kitten you see here and there on our pages? He’s our Sacred Birma Mr. Hemingway. He’s specialised in eating all our pens, sitting in each and every box open, and testing our products. 

© Varalusikka



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