A Little Christmas Cuppa - 4

Posted on2019-11-30

A Little Christmas Cuppa - Day 4.

Remember the reindeer printables? Here's a couple photos to show you how they'll add just that little something to your gift wrapping!

Just like the tags, these are simply cut out from the printed sheet (we used 250g paper, but 160g would do just fine, too) and then we hid the uneven edges (can't cut a straight line if my life depends on it) with lots of glitter.

A simple, brown paper bag. Wrap a piece of vintage book sheet over it, add cords. (We used linen cords.) Then we added two-sided 3D tape behind the reindeer print (glue would be ok, too, we just wanted the image to pop out a little) and to the Finnish text print.

When the postal strike hit hard and left us empty handed when we were supposed to finish the Paper Garden Christmas Calendars and December subscription boxes, we needed a plan B. So, we headed to Kontti, the drift store of Finnish Red Cross... There we found a plastic green wreath with some embellishment cord with red "berries" on it. For these gift wrappings, we ripped off the greenery from the wreath base and cut the plastic greenery to suitably small pieces. From the tiny red ball chain we cut a chain of two "berries" off. These we tied with the linen cord to finish the wrapping. And how cute it is. And think about it, even if these wrappings does look quite impressively cute, they have cost nearly nothing. Lesson: keep your eyes and mind open!

A recipe:1 recycled cardboard box, 1 piece of vintage book sheet, a suitable length of linen cord, some left over burlab, with a pinch of drift store embellishments and 1 reindeer print.

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